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Kangaroo the Arcade Game and the History of Boxing Kangaroos

By December 29, 2012

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Kangaroo Arcade FlyerThe icon of a boxing Kangaroo dates back to the 1800s when in the Australian Outback and America's western frontier, traveling shows featuring boxing glove wearing Kangaroos that would spar, and inevitably win, in a boxing match with locals willing to take the challenge.

In 1941, with concerns that their aircraft would be confused with those of other nations, the No.21 Squadron of the Australian Air Force had an icon of the boxing kangaroo painted on their aircraft. Word spread and throughout World War II many other Australian Air Force Squadrons adopted the icon.

And while the imagery of a boxing glove wearing Kangaroo became a flag in Australia in 1983, titled the "Boxing Matilda" Flag, the most internationally famous use of this imagery really dominated the world of pop-culture in 1982, with a video game called Kangaroo.

Celebrating 30 years of Monkey Punching, platform leaping, ladder climbing, child saving adventures is the coin-op arcade game Kangaroo. The arcade hit that has not seen a rerelease since the '80s.


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