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Arcade Games - Profiles and Reviews

What began in the arcade exploded into one of the world’s largest forms of entertainment. Sometimes referred to as Coin-Ops, other times known as Uprights, but always called fun, this is a nostalgic look back at the retro classic arcade games that gobbled our quarters and started a revolution.

BurgerTime - Frying Up Orders At Video Arcades in 1982
The greatest game to ever clog your arteries! BurgerTime, pits seasoned burger chef Peter Pepper against an army of giant killer food, bent on preventing him from completing the biggest burger order ever to hit video arcades!

Kangaroo The Video Game – Monkey Punching at the '80s Arcade
Oh no! Those trouble-making monkeys have kidnapped the baby Kangaroo. Luckily Mother Kangaroo is on her way, and this is one marsupial mama that ain't about to let her joey become monkey chow. Taking all the skills she's learned from playing Donkey Kong and Popeye, Mama unleashes a platforming, ladder climbing, gap hoping, Monkey punching can of...

They Call Him Mr. Do! - The Arcade Clown Who Really Likes to Dig
You might not have known it, but nature's greatest underground burrowing creatures aren't ants or gophers, but Circus Clowns. With their bare hands these clowns dig, maze-like tunnels though their natural underground habitat, seeking their main food source, subterranean cherries. But when one of these Clowns discovers his underworld mazes have...

Street Fighter – The Arcade Fighting Game That Started It All
While the original Street Fighter is not the first fighting game or even considered one of the best in the genre, it is the most innovative, paving the way to a perfected iteration with the historic Street Fighter II.

Hunchback Olympics - The Weird Retro Video Game Mod Kit Mash-up
Take the animated sprites featuring Quasimodo, the hardware of Donkey Kong, add Track & Field-style Olympic gameplay and you've got the most oddball mash-up video game ever released. It was all part of a conversion kit known under four different titles, across multiple manufactures and developers, and today is know by it's most famous title:...

The Avengers in Galactic Storm - Forgotten Arcade Fighter Flop
Following up their moderate success of the arcade and home console beat-'em-up, Captain America and The Avengers, with an arena-style fighting game, The Avengers in Galactic Storm, Data East attempted to take a unique approach to the traditional niche genre. Unfortunately they left an unfinished, forgettable experience that got lost in the ocean...

Captain America and the Avengers Assemble In 4-Player Arcade Action
Nazi's on the moon?! When the Red Skull constructs a giant laser pointed at Earth, it's time for the game's title hog Captain America to assemble Iron Man, Hawkeye, and The Vision in a 4-way beat-'em-up adventure that ends up being more hilarious than serious thanks to some horrible English translations.

Breakout – Atari's Block Breaking Single Player Pong
After Atari made a big splash on the arcade and home-console market with Pong, the company's co-founder Nolan Bushnell, sought to find a new way to milk the franchise. They had already exhaustively repackaged Pong as much as they could, so the only option was to create an all-new type of game using the same mechanics - a single-player Pong with...

Super Breakout - Arcade Success Though Design Iteration
Video game experts state that great games come from iterative design, meaning that the more you build upon your ideas and design, expand upon them, and rework them based on testing and feedback, the better your game can be. So is the case of Super Breakout, which not only uses, but builds upon the fun and addictive gameplay of the original.

Ms. Pac-Man – The Unauthorized History of Arcades First Female Hero
After landing the North American license to distribute Namco's megahit Pac-Man in North America, Midway Games came up with a foolproof plan to keep the Pac-train moving. They put out an unofficial, unauthorized mod of the video game cash chow and titled it Ms. Pac-Man, which was not only the first arcade game with a female protagonist, but is...

History of Popeye the Arcade Game
A year after negotiations for the Popeye video game license fell apart, Nintendo and their legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto got a second crack at a Popeye arcade game thanks to the success of Donkey Kong.

Weirdest Pong Cabinets - Atari's Classic In Bizarre Packages
Ever spot Pong in a barrel, or see Snoopy taking a snooze on top of the game cabinet? Don't you wish your doctor had a Pong cabinet in their waiting room? Well at one time all of these weird versions of Pong existed, and they were all officially made by Atari.

Gotcha: The Original Sex Maze - Atari 1973
Video games are always the topic of controversy, but have you ever wondered what was the very first controversial video game? Surprisingly it wasn't due to violence, or even the game's content. The ruckus was all about how you played it - buy rubbing pink rubber breasts...and it was all the brainchild of Atari.

Gun Fight aka Western Gun - The First People Killing Game
While there are loads of popular non-violent video games ranging from Pong and Tetris to Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, video games have always been associated with violence. There is no real mystery behind this as the very first video arcade games, Computer Space and Galaxy Game were shooters where the goal was to shoot down...

Arcade Flyer Gallery - 1981
Back in the golden age of the video arcade, coin-op game manufactures would pitch their latest and greatest offerings to arcades, pizza places, bars and bowling alleys using arcade flyers. These slick one sheets showed awesome art and did their best to tease managers, owners and buyers to take the plunge. Being that 1981 was the height of the...

Defender – The Scrolling Space Shooter That Changed How Games Are Played
In a far off galaxy alien invaders torment an innocent planet, kidnapping the humanoid inhabitants and transforming them into berserk killer mutants. Their only hope for survival is in the hands of the Defender, a lone gunner space ship who must destroy the enemy crafts and rescue their victims in the first side-scrolling video game.

Pac-Man – The Most Important Video Game of All Time
Today it would be a shock to meet a gamer who hasn’t heard of Pac-Man. The game as well as our hungry hero have become icons of arcade games and ‘80s pop-culture, thrusting video games from a fad into a phenomena. Pac-Man spawned it’s own market beyond just video games with toys, clothes, books, cartoons, even food products, and it all started...

Frogger – From Lily Pad to Arcades
He jumps, he hops, he eats flies and sometimes he even falls in love. He’s Frogger, the most addictive amphibian in arcade history and it’s up to you to make sure he makes it home safe without getting splattered.

Donkey Kong – The Story of a Big Ape and An Arcade Legend
Pac-Man may have been the icon of ‘80s arcade games, but it was Donkey Kong that put Nintendo on the video game map, spawned two of the most enduring characters in video game history, and turned newbie game designer Shigeru Miyamoto into an industry legend.

Space Invaders – Alien Shooter that Put Video Arcades and Atari 2600 on ...
By the mid-'70s arcade games were staring to build a modest popularity thanks to the 1972 hit Pong, but at the pizza parlor and amusement arcades Pinball was still king; that was until 1978 when a Japanese space shooter came along that became such a pop-culture phenomenon it caused a coin shortage, turned arcades into “video arcades” and went on...

Arcade Cabinet Tour – Computer Space, The First Video Arcade Cabinet
Originally built in 1971 and painstakingly restored by a private collector, take a rare look at an original working model of the very first video arcade game.

Computer Space – The First Mass-Market Arcade Game
Before becoming the founders of Atari, Inc. and introducing the world to Pong, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney made their first historic stamp in the video games industry when they reworked the popular computer lab game Spacewar! into a mass produced coin-op arcade cabinet. In doing so they created the very first commercially distributed video...

Track & Field - The Most Popular Olympic Arcade Game
In anticipation of the 1984 Summer Olympic games, and to ride on the merchandising success the global competition brings with it, Konami released an innovative button mashing arcade title that was destined to become the most popular Olympic-themed video game of all time at both the video arcade and home.

Killer Shark - The Undersea Horror Arcade Game from JAWS
Just a year after video games made their debut in arcades, SEGA unveiled the first coin-op cabinet to star the most terrifying aquatic creature, the Killer Shark. While this light gun arcade shooter gained considerable notoriety from its cameo in Steven Spielberg's classic monster shark movie JAWS, it turned out that Killer Shark was actually not a video game at all, but a mechanical achievement in coin-op animation.

Galaga - The Ultimate Space Shooter - Arcade Game
What began as a sequel to a Space Invaders rip-off became one of the most popular arcade game of all time though it's addictive, unique, and fun gameplay that never gets old.

The Games and Culture of Retro Video Arcades
In the 70s and 80s the video arcade was the place for gamers to be! Imagine a hang out where you’re surrounded by some of the greatest video games ever made, other fanatics who share your 8-bit passions and really bad snack bar food.

Pigskin 621 A.D. Medieval Football Archrivals On A Rampage - Arcade Game Review
Are you ready for some Medieval Football! Teams from two villages straight out of the dark ages battle with brutal violence and hilarious action in one of the most unusual, addictive and rare football video games ever made.

Double Dragon - Arcade Game Profile
Twin Brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee fight rival gangs after a post-apocalyptic holocaust in the beat-em-up game that defined the genre.

A Look Inside a Classic Arcade Cabinet
Come join us as we take a fantastic journey inside a classic video arcade game and learn just what makes those awesome old-school games tick.

Spy Hunter – Arcade Game Profile
When Spy Hunter first hit arcades in 1983, no gamer had ever seen a driving or shooter game like it. An instant hit, Spy Hunter has become a staple of Midway Games arcade classics, and although it has gone through several remakes and sequels, none of its descendents hold a steering wheel to the original.

Dragon's Lair - DVD Game Review
Journey through a dark wizard’s castle, escape deadly traps and battle monstrous minions on a quest to save the beautiful Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe in the closest you’ll get to playing the original Don Bluth animated Dragon’s Lair arcade game at home.

Magic Sword Review - Coin-Op Arcade Game
Lost in a sea of early 90s fighting games, Magic Sword is a hack ‘n slash arcade classic that never gained the recognition it deserved. Slashing your way through evil wizards, dragons, flying wasp men…and Grizzly Bears…has never been so much fun.

Computer Space Fan Site
Dedicated to one of the first coin-op arcade games ever created. Includes the history, image, images and technical specs. Computer Space was released almost simultaneously with the other first coin-op arcade game ever created, Galaxy Game.

The Galaxy Game
Online document breaking down the background and history of Galaxy Game. Released at nearly the same time as Computer Space, this is one of the first coin-op arcade games ever.

Disco No. 1 - The Classic Arcade Oddity
Article from thelogbook.com on Disco No. 1, an obscure arcade oddity where you have to boogie down to impress the ladies at a discotheque. A game made when there still were discos!

Dog Patch – Retro Weird Video Arcade Game, Hillbilly Style
Back in the 1970s folks didn't think of Hillbillies as some chainsaw wielding, inbred, mutant, machete killers, like we do today. In those days the public had been fed a steady diet of Beverly Hillbillies, Li'l Abner, Snuffy Smith and Ma & Pa Kettle, all showing off hillbillies as lovable, slack-jawed, moonshine swilling simpletons, and they was...

The Amazing Maze from Midway - The Great Arcade Maze Race
Welcome to the most complex, intense, and endless stream of mazes ever created for video arcades. No, I'm not talking about Pac-Man! It's The Amazing Maze, one of Midway's early video arcade games pitting players in a series of races across over a million different mazes.

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