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BurgerTime - Frying Up Orders At Video Arcades in 1982

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BurgerTime - Frying Up Orders At Video Arcades in 1982

The greatest game to ever clog your arteries! BurgerTime, pits seasoned burger chef Peter Pepper against an army of giant killer food, bent on preventing him from completing the biggest burger order ever to hit video arcades!

Basic Facts:

  • Title: BurgerTime (North American Title) aka Hamburger (Japanese title)
  • Publisher: Data East (Japan)/Bally-Midway (North America)
  • Developer: Data East
  • Release Date: 1982
  • Platform: Coin-Op Arcade Cabinet

After Nintendo dominated video arcades with Donkey Kong in 1981, sing-screen platform games were all of the rage. While a few tried to directly rip off the big ape, many arcade game makers tried to make something new out of the ladder climbing, platform running mechanics. A year after Shigeru Miyamoto's masterpiece released, Japanese video arcade developer and manufacture Data East devised BurgerTime, the insane burger building game.

The same year they released BurgerTime in Japan, Data East licensed the game to Bally Midway for manufacturing and distribution in North America. Soon BurgerTime was frying up orders as a major hit in video arcades across the United States, Canada and Japan.

The Gameplay:

Players control a tubby little chef named Peter Pepper, (think Mario, if he wore a chef outfit and shaved his mustache) as he races up and down ladders and across platforms, trying to collapse layers of giant burgers by walking across the enormous buns, beef patties, lettuce and tomatoes, causing each one to collapse one platform down. Once Peter has all of the burger sections dropped down to the bottom, the level is cleared.

However Peter's problems go far beyond simple health code violations from walking all over food with his filthy feet, but a gang of psychotic killer food items that have set their sights on stopping Peter from dropping his all beef patties. These munchie monsters consist of the a wiener by the name of Mr. Hot Dog, a crummy cucumber that goes by the name Mr. Pickle, and the all-fried-up fiend Mr. Egg.

The is only one way to stop these killer cuisines is to get them on, or between, the burger layers right as they drop down. If your edible enemy is standing beneath the burger layer when Peter walks across it, they get squished inside the burger, but when they are standing on top of the piece you collapse, the entire burger drops down at every platform beneath it, all the way to the bottom.

His Name is Peter and His Weapon is Pepper:

While the only way to put a final end to the gastric ghoulies is to smash them between (or on top of) burger pieces, but you can temporarily stun them with some seasonings form you pepper shaker. Each time you give the pepper a shake in the faces of your pursuant perishables, they go into a sputtering sneezing fit, allowing you enough time to escape their reach. This is an especially helpful way of trapping the killer food on top of a burger piece and then collapsing it all the way down.

The only drawback is that pepper is a limited resource, so you only get a handful of shots before your supply is depleted, however you can refill your pepper shaker by picking up bonus power-ups that randomly pop up. These natural pepper resources include an ice cream cone, French fries and coffee.

Final Thoughts:

BurgerTime is an extremely fun, well-balanced game, and spawned sequels, remakes, spin-offs, including the most recent, BurgerTime World Tour. There were also loads of home video game and computer ports, for systems such as the Commodore 64, Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, and even the Nintendo 3DS. While many of these games that followed it attempted to keep the same flavor, none ever reached the quality and addictive experience of the first BurgerTime.

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