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Holiday Gift Guides 2010 – Classic Video Games


With all of the hot new video games battling it out for shelf space, it can get tough hunting out those retro rereleases, remixes and remakes of classic video games who get lost in the mix.

To help you eek out that perfect gift for the retro gamer in your life, these classic video game gift guides will show you the very best old-school offerings available to play on modern systems, plus the best bargains classic gaming has to offer.


Retro Console Games – Classic Video Game Gift Guide

From the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System to the Sega Genesis and Neo Geo, this guide shows you loads of ways to find and play the very best classic console titles.

DVD Movies and TV Shows For Retro Gamers – Classic Video Game Gift Guide

Hollywood has invaded retro gaming with loads of movies, TV shows, and Anime based on or aimed at retro video gaming. Here you’ll find the very best, worst, and weirdest classic video game inspired entertainment available on DVD.

Nintendo DS and DSi – Classic Video Game Gift Guide

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Nintendo’s touch sensitive, dual screened, handheld gaming system has sold more units than any other video game console, and a sure best for the gift giving system. Even better there are loads of classic video games available that stay true to their retro roots, while introducing a whole new ways to play.

Plug-n-Play Games – Classic Video Game Gift Guide

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Back in the early days of gaming we had systems that didn’t use cartridges, instead they contained a microchip containing a number of video games. These "Dedicated Consoles" simply plugged into your TV and gave instant gaming goodness without having to buy anything else.

Now the Plug-n-Play concept is back, now packed with ports of coin-op arcade games and classic console titles. Simply plug it in and play!

Sony PSP – Classic Video Game Gift Guide

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The most advance handheld system on the market, the Sony PSP is like holding a super powered PlayStation One console in the palm of your hand. Not only does it have loads of classic video game compilations available, but it is also the only handheld system that can run full 3D rendered games, taking us beyond the 8 and 16-bit gaming and into the N64 and PS1 eras!

Xbox 360 – Classic Video Game Gift Guide

The next-gen console system that innovated online console gaming gives us the opportunity for loads of retro re-releases and remakes, but offers a plethora of retro remixes available for download via their Xbox Live Arcade service.

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