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Classic Video Games 101

A place for newbies and nostalgia lovers alike. Find out what makes a video game a classic, plus everything you need to kick start your retro gaming obsession. With overviews of the retro systems, arcade classics, handhelds, and new ways to play the classics on Next-Gen consoles, websites, mobile phones and more. Soon you’ll be experiencing some of the best video games ever made.

Garry Kitchen - Cooking Up Video Game History
From computer software engineer, to producer and of course groundbreaking game designer Gary Kitchen is one of the most successful and influential game developers to come out of the early days of Activision. With titles such as Keystone Kapers, Pressure Cooker, GameDesigner and BattleTank to his credit, Kitchen has innovated gaming and changed...

History of the Sega Genesis – Dawn of the 16-bit Era
As the book of retro tells us, in the late ‘80s a big bang occurred that wrought the dawn of a new age in home gaming. An event of biblical proportions that thrust video games from their 8-bit confined and into a righteous path that would create an evolution into the video games of today. A console created from the rib (or at least tech) of its...

Steve Jobs – Apple CEO and Atari Breakout Developer
Everyone knows Steve Jobs as Co-Founder and CEO of Apple Inc., and that alone makes him a major historic figure in classic computer games, but one little tidbit that has been nearly forgotten in the history of gamedome is that one of Jobs first gigs in the industry was as a designer on one of Atari’s most successful video games.

Nintendo 3DS Retro Rerelease Ambassador Program
After four months and finally releasing all of the features they promised at launch, Nintendo dropped the price of the Nintendo 3DS by $80. So what about those folks who shelled out the full price? Nintendo is making it up to them by offering 20 free Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance classics as part of their Ambassador Program.

The Retro Gamers Guide to the Nintendo 3DS
Just 'cause we're retro gamers doesn't mean that we don't dig new systems, especially those of Nintendo that allow you to play old-school classics in an entirely new way. Now with the 3DS, Nintendo is promising all sorts of goodies galore for the retro enthusiast, but it's not all apparent, so to help navigate your way to the old-school goodness...

3-D Gaming Origins – SegaScope 3D for the Sega Master System
Today it seems like gaming in 3-D (that’s three-dimensional, coming out of your TV graphics) will soon be all the rage as both the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 are prepping with games for the next revolution in home entertainment, true 3D-TVs. Strangely this recently hot pop technology is far from new, it’s all based on a the same process used for in 1988 for SegaScope 3D, a peri…

Jerry Lawson - First African American Video Game Maker
At a time where the computer and video game insustry was primarily filled with caucation males, Jerry Lawson was an innovator. He created of the first cartidge based video game console (the Fairchild Channel F), designed of one of the first coin-op arcade games (Demolition Derby), was the head of Videosoft, an early independent developer for the...

Mark Beaumont - Activision to Capcom - 27 Year Industry Vet
From helping to turn Activision into an industry giant in the '80s to managing Midway and Capcom in the New Millennium, gaming businessman Mark Beaumont's thumbprint is marked throughout the world of classic and modern video games.

Fairchild Channel F - The First ROM Cartridge Console
While the "F" in the Fairchild Channel F stands for the system's microprocessor, it could have easily stood for "first", as in first ROM cartridges, first to allow games pause, or the first video game console designed by an African American, but it also could have stood for "forgotten", as this historic system only saw a year of success before...

The SEGA Dreamcast - Profile of the First Online Gaming Console
To try and regain their street cred and the market share they lost with the lackluster SEGA Saturn, SEGA's next console was designed to innovate how games were played. The Dreamcast was not only the most powerful home console at its launch, it introduced the world to online console gaming as it was the first to have a built in modem.

Tetris History - An Interview with Alexey Pajitnov and Henk Rogers
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tetris we had the chance to sit down with the minds behind the games success, creator Alexey Pajitnov, and the man responsible for getting Tetris out to the mass market, Henk Rogers.

Game Boy Innovations - The Retro Handheld's Biggest Influences on Mod…
The Game Boy was to take the best parts of Nintendo's line of stand-alone LCD Game & Watch handhelds and combine them with the historic Nintendo Entertainment System. The result wasn't just the most successful and longest running line of video game systems ever, but a fertile testing ground for the innovations that would go on to have the biggest influences in modern gaming.

Nintendo Entertainment System aka Famicom - The Console that Saved the Industry
A profile of the historic console that saved the video game industry after the crash of '83 and ushered in the 8-bit generation.

Fusajiro Yamauchi - Founder of Nintendo
Who would have thought one of the most important figures in the world of gaming would have passed away 12 years before the first video game was even invented? Fusajiro Yamauchi was revolutionizing games long before anyone had ever heard of a computer.

OXO aka Noughts and Crosses - The First Video Game
The debate over the first video game is often argued as being Willy Higinbotham's Tennis for Two (1958), Spacewar! (1961) or Pong (1972), but the graphics based computer game OXO (aka Noughts and Crosses) predates them all. Why does OXO so often get overlooked?

ColecoVision - Profile of the Record Breaking Home Arcade
Before the NES was delivering arcade quality games into homes, and the Xbox started using computer components, ColecoVision trumped them all and was on its way to becoming the most popular console of all time had it not been for the video game market crash and some bad investments. This profile covers the technology, hardware and accessories for the classic ColecoVision system.

Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device - The First Electronic Game
The controversy over the very first video game is a confusing and convoluted debate as numerous games claim the title. Many enthusiasts believe the Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device was the first video game. Not only does it have a snappy title, but the CRTAD was the first electronic game ever patented.

Atari 2600 Controller Oddities - Influencing Next-Gen Gaming
From wireless joysticks and motion sensors, to touch sensitive game pads, balance boards and mind control devices, these are the Atari 2600 controller oddities that influenced today's next-gen gaming.

The Atari 2600 – A Profile of the Longest Running Console in History
When the Atari 2600 hit the market, being able to play video games at home similar to those in the arcade blew everyone's mind. Once it caught on, the 2600's layout and specs became not only iconic, but an industry standard for the console system, games and accessories of the late 70s and early 80s home consoles.

The Commodore 64 – The Computer that thought it was a Game Console
In the 1980s the Commodore 64 ruled the home computer market, and stands today as the best selling computer model in history. The C64 was also known for advancing the computer gaming world with its superior graphics and audio, which were originally designed for an advanced gaming console.

Hardware Profile - Magnavox Odyssey - The First Gaming Console
As the trademarked saying goes "In the Beginning There Was Pong", but that was in arcade. At home it all started with the Magnavox Odyssey, the very first home video game console.

Is Pac-Man Too Violent?
Interesting article on a 2001 study that claimed Pac-Man is 62% violent and Centipede is 92.6%, plus research that the U.S. government is using to make decisions about the video game industry.

Football Basics 101 - A Guide to Football Video Games Basics
Football has always been a staple of classic console gaming since 1972 when the first Football video game came packaged with The Magnavox Odyssey. If you're not familiar with Football video games, the rules and gameplay can be quite confusing, so your Guide to Video Game Strategies has created this helpful article on the Basics of Football Video Games.

The American Classic Arcade Museum
A non-profit organization with the goal of preserving the history of classic arcade games. Remember, those who do not play history are doomed to repeat it...actually in this case that's not so bad.

How Video Game Systems Work
Launch pad to web pages on the How Stuff Works website that outline the basics on how many different classic video game consoles function.

Retro Gaming Repairs and Maintenance - Online Resources and Guides

A full array of online guides, manuals, and supplies for maintaining your retro gaming system as well as a look under the hood to show you how they work.

Shigeru Miyamoto - The Historic Creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda
After years of developing his latest epic, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, historic game designer Shigeru Miyamoto announced he is going to return to his retro video game roots. Nintendo claims it isn't true, rumors say he's doing it to motivate his team, but either way you can guarantee whatever he has planed will be great. Let's take a...

Shigeru Miyamoto – Classic Video Game Database – 1979 to 1999
A hub of historic game designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto’s classic video games and a launch pad to view reviews and profiles of his historic titles.

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