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Good Old Games is a new website dedicated to delivering all of those classic DOS based PC games previously lost to us as computers and processors became too advance to play them. GOG.com has painstakingly retrofitted each game to run on the classic gamer hating Windows Vista and XP operating systems. Now you can finally relive or experience for the first time games once thought to be lost forever, each available and a bargain price.

Not all games available at Good Old Games are classics title, but most of them are, so to help you find 'em all this database calls out all of GOG.com retro offerings leading up to 1999.

1. Age of Wonders

Publisher: Triumph Studios

Original Release Date: November 11, 1999

2. Alien Nations

Publisher: JoWooD
Original Release Date: July 1st 1999

3. Alone in the Dark Bundle

Includes: Alone in the Dark 1, 2, 3 and Jack in the Dark promo game

Publisher: Infogram

Original Release Date: Alone 1 (1992), Alone 2 (1993), Jack (1993) and Alone 3 (1994)

4. Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy

Publisher: Microids

Original Release Date: October 18, 1999

5. Another World - 15th Anniversary Edition (aka Out of This World)

Developer: Eric Chahi

Original Release Date: 1991

This edition includes remastered version of the game, 20 minutes long "making of" video, a technical handbook, developer diary and remixed soundtrack.

6. Apache VS. Havoc

Publisher: Empire Interactive
Original Release Date: October 18, 1998

7. Battle Chess Special Edition

Publisher: Interplay
Original Release Date: June 1, 1994

8. Beneath A Steel Sky

Publisher: Revolution Software
Original Release Date: April 11, 1994

9. Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

Publisher: Apogee Software
Original Release Date: December 5, 1993

10. Blake Stone: Planet Strike

Publisher: Apogee Software
Original Release Date: October 28, 1994
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