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Computer Games - Profiles and Reviews

The very first video games were created on super computers the size of a room, but soon video games and computers exploded into the home. With their constantly advancing technology, it’s only natural that some of the richest classic video games were made for home computers. With these profiles and reviews you’ll discover the most innovative, popular and forgotten classic computer games.

First Batman Video Game - A Surreal Nightmare Pop-Art Platformer
In the first Batman video game ever, The Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler have infiltrated the Batcave, but instead of assassinating the Dark Knight they've kidnapped Robin, then filled the rooms of Batman's hideout with a brood of freakish nightmare creatures and traps. Before the Caped Crusader can rescue his old chum, he must make his way...

Questprobe Featuring The Hulk - Hulk No Smash, But He Sure Does Bite
The first adventure game in the comic book/computer game cross-over series from Marvel Comics and game designer Scott Adams stars the Incredibly Hulk who has been kidnapped and forced to hunt out a series of gems to earn his freedom.

Marvel Comics and Scott Adams Present Questprobe
In 1984 Marvel Comics and legendary computer game designer Scott Adams set fourth on an experiment that would tie a 12 issue comic book series in with 12 separate graphic adventure games that together would connect in a single epic storyline starring Marvels Mightiest Super Heroes.

History of Colossal Cave Adventure Part 1 - The First Text Adventure Game
In 1975 programmer Will Crowther conceived a new type of interactive computer game, one that could be as rich, deep and expansive as the text that described it, and would go on to create an entirely new genre that started with the name Adventure, but would go on to become Colossal Cave Adventure.

History of Colossal Cave Adventure Part 2 - The First Game Built By A Community
Collaborative Fiction refers to a work of fiction written by a group, with each writer building upon the work set down by the previous authors. A Mod is a homebrewed altering of an existing game that fans create to expand the existing experience, or to create an entirely new game. Colossal Cave Adventure is a mix of both. Not only is it the...

Outhouse for the TRS-80: Defending Video Game Toilets from Thieves and Aliens
Doesn't it just go figure? You finally get an outhouse all to yourself, in the middle of nowhere, where no one can bother you; then out of nowhere, a bunch of thieves and squatters come along to use up all your toilet paper, even worse you gotta deal with fireballs and aliens from space aiming to destroy your personal privy before you even get...

Duke Nukem 3D – The Ultimate Nukem
While Duke Nukem may have started out as a soda swilling side-scrolling boy scout, in the late ‘90s he reinvented himself as an alien slaughtering, womanizing, bad-boy of first-person shooters. The move worked, making him the king of controversial video games.

Spacewar! Precursor to the First Video Arcade Games
One of the earliest graphical computer games started out as a tech demo at MIT computer labs and went on to become the foundation of the very first coin-op video arcade games.

Duke Nukem II – Bigger, Longer and Better
Two years after their shareware success with the original Duke Nukem, Apogee Software went back to the mega muscle well to develop and publish their next episodic hit, Duke Nukem II.

The Brand New Commodore 64 Bringing Next-Gen Back into the 8-Bit Computer Era
While not the original company that started the Commodore 64 craze back in the 1982, Commodore USA owns the rights to the system and all the first party software. Instead of just rereleasing old C64 classic computer games for modern systems, they’ve taken an even greater leap by bringing the Commodore 64 computer back!

Ys Book I Ancient Vanished Omens Historic PRG Profile
The 1989 release of the first historic RPG game in the Ys Series follows adventurer Adol Christin and his side-kick Dogi as they search out the lost six Books of Ys and attempt to rid the land of Esteria from an ancient evil.

A Popples Christmas Adventure for the Commodore 64
A 1986 giveaway for American Greetings retailers, this advergames for the Commodore 64 introduced us to the bizarre and wild world of the retro pom-pom sporting Popples brand of merchandising as they jump though a weird series of Christmas themed non-interactive freakiness.

A Popples Christmas Adventure - A Gallery of the Weird Holiday Advergame
Known for their oddball kid-friendly licensable characters such as Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Get-Along Gang, and Holly Hobbie, American Greetings distributed this giveaway Commodore 64 game on floppy disk during the 1986 holiday season to get the word out on their weirdest creations yet. Just how weird? The secrets behind one of the...

The Expendables 8-Bit Game – Review of the NES Throwback
Take me back to the 1980s, where video games were action packed side-scrolling shootouts made of squared off 8-bits, and our action movie heroes were so grizzled and muscle-bound that they could have been pixilated sprites themselves. In honor of the hit '80s action throwback flick, The Expendables, the folks at Break.com have released a near flawless old-school Nintendo Entertainment System tribute promo game.

The Monkey Island Series - From LucasArts to Telltale
Since The Secret of Monkey Island swash bucked its way into computer shops in 1990 from LucasArts, the Monkey Island series spawned numerous sequels and remakes, with the latest chapters being developed and published for modern computers and consoles by Telltale Games.

Dallas Quest - Nighttime Soap Turned Classic Computer Game
From 1978 to 1991 the royal family from the lone star state the ruled the airways were the Ewings from the hit television series Dallas. At the height of the show's popularity, the question on everyone's mind was "Who Shot J.R?" but the real question should have been, "What do giant rats, man-eating spiders, tobacco chewing monkeys, cannibals and dancing girls have to do with Dallas?" The answer …

The Realms of Arkania Series - Classic German PRG Trilogy
Back in the '90s, developers Attic Entertainment Software crafted a trilogy of games based on Germany's most popular pen-and-paper roll playing game, Das Schwarze Auge (Translation: The Dark Eye).

The Oregon Trail - Edutainment's First Video Game Hit - Apple II
Trail blazing across the archives of video game history is an elaborate and innovative game conceived by student teachers and established as one of the first edutainment game to be a commercial hit and a precursor to sim games.

The Great Giana Sisters - Review of the Best Super Mario Bros. Rip-Off
Mario Bros. meet the Mario Sisters...er...that is the Giana Sisters. Unlike you and your brother Luigi, these sisters aren’t Super, their Great! The Great Giana Sisters! The weirdest and most controversial Super Mario Bros. rip-off ever made.

Leisure Suit Larry’s Gallery of Games
For over 20 years, the polyester suited Larry Laffer has been haunting lounges, resorts, cruise ships, discos, dating game shows and desktop computers in his never ending pursuit for nookie...er...I mean "love". Here is a breakdown of Larry's classic adventures from 1987 to 1998.

Zombie Zombie for the ZX Spectrum – Classic Computer Game Profile
The very first video game about Zombies was actually the sequel to Ant Attack, the first truly 3D Isometric video game. Although it is well loved by those who've played it and defined a new genre in gaming, over the years Zombie Zombie has nearly been forgotten.

Ant Attack for the ZX Spectrum – Classic Computer Game Profile
Inspired by the 1950s sci-fi big bug flicks, two lone survivors of a city destroyed by giant killer ants fight to survive and escape the monstrous killer colony. Not only an innovative game for the ZX Spectrum UK computer system, but considered the first truly 3D isometric game.

Myst – Computer Game Profile
Myst reinvented the adventure game genre by being the first game to deliver richly illustrated 3D graphics, complex storyline and exploration.

Howard the Duck - Adventure on Volcano Island for the Commodore 64 - Review
Based on the big-budget Hollywood bomb, Howard the Duck continues his battle of the Dark Overlord on the Commodore 64 as he travels to Volcano Island to save his friends and planet Earth. Too bad the unresponsive controls ruin an otherwise totally bizarre experience.

DOOM Cheat Codes - PC
Your Video Game Strategies Guide brings you all the cheats to the classic first person shooter PC game Doom.

Tennis for Two Video - One of the first Computer games
Video of the first video game made available for public view, created by William Higinbotham as a tech demo for the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Death Wish 3 - The Video Game for the Commodore 64
The classic Charles Bronson action flick was also a Commodore 64 game. CPCZone brings you memories and screenshots of this forgotten classic.

The Young Ones Computer Game
Can you believe they actually made a computer game out of the bizarre British sitcom The Young Ones? Well here is proof, the original 1984 commercial.

Sierra On-Line Museum
Website dedicated to the classic PC games from Sierra. Everything from Police Quest to Leisure Suit Larry!

Mystery House - The First Graphical Adventure Game
A look at the very first graphic adventure game that spawned an entire genre.

Duke Nukem – Origin of a Shareware Hero
While most are familiar with Duke as the bad boy of first-person shooters, he actually got his start as a 2D side scrolling platformer. Developed and self-published by Apogee Software (aka 3D Realms), Duke Nukem was a fast success and was one of the early ‘90s games instrumental in setting many gaming standards of the ‘90s as well as a few...

Adventures in Text - The Origin of Adventure Games
Today with graphically rich games in high definition, with 3D art so detailed that you can literally see the pours in a characters skin, and every strand of their flowing hair, it's hard to believe there was a time when the visuals for an adventure game existed only in the mind's of the players, because in the early days of home computing we had...

Batman: The Caped Crusader - The 1988 Experiment in Sequential Gaming
While the first Batman video game featured a short, tubby version of the Dark Knight wandering though a surreal cave of nightmare creatures, eyeball covered walls, and doorways of sharp teeth; with the second Batman game Ocean Software decided to create something a bit more identifiable as part of the Batman universe, but continue to create...

Brad Stallion in Sex Olympics - The Weirdest X-Rated Sports Game
Brad Stallion, porn star of the future, is back for his fourth and final game where he must compete in the intergalactic Olympic games against his arch nemesis, Dr. Dildo.

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