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A Popples Christmas Adventure - A Gallery of the Weird Holiday Advergame


"Popples are palls that pop out of pockets. A soft fuzzy ball that turns into a friend; The fun keeps building and the laughter never ends.

Popples are pals that pop out of pockets. They’re funny, they’re new, ‘cause they turn inside out; and that’s what Popples are all about!"

How they are "funny" and "new" because they "turn inside out”" may be a mystery, but the secrets behind one of the weirdest holiday advergames will be revealed in this retro walkthrough gallery of A Popples Christmas Adventure!

Known for their oddball licensable characters American Greetings distributed this giveaway Commodore 64 game during the '86 holidays to get the word out on their weirdest creations yet.

Now they Popples have invaded Santa Claus’s winter wonderland, and even St. Nick took off when he heard they were coming!

For more on his holiday gaming oddity, check out…

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A Popples Christmas Adventure Title ScreenWelcome to Santa's WorkshopFun's a POP-POPpin'Popples Can Turn Inside-Out
Popples in a band? How Grand!A Sing-A-Long - Follow the Bouncing PoppleJin-gle Bells, Jin-gle BellsJin-gle All The Way
In a One Horse Open SleighA Popples Christmas MazeLook Out! A Snowball with a tail!Tah-Dah! Nice Landing!
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