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2600 Terrors - Horror Games for the Atari 2600, F through H


Our look at every single horror themed video game for the Atari 2600 continues. We've got everything from an adaption of Marry Shelly's classic novel (well, sort of) to the most famous horror game ever released for the 2600 (In case you couldn't figure it out, it's Haunted House).

Frankenstein's Monster

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Quick, while the mad Dr. Frankenstein has stepped out to pick up a few more spare parts, you have the time to build a wall around his monstrous creation before he comes to life. The only problem is Frankie invited over his monster mash palls, a ghost and giant spiders, to keep his creature wall-less.

Ghost Manor

With a title like "Ghost Manor", you'd think your biggest worry would be...you know...ghosts, but instead the big bad is Dracula. Basically old fang face has kidnapped your best friend and it's up to you to play hero. First you have to befriend a ghost, battle though bats, then a chomping skeleton and spooks. Then it's on to the old castle where you collect crosses from the inside of vampire coffins. The big climax ends in a boss battle with Drac himself.


Although this is a simplified version of the awesome Commodore 64 game (based on the hit supernatural comedy), Ghostbusters for the Arari 2600 is surprisingly elaborate. Hunt out ghosts across the city, buy equipment using in-game economy, race to the ghost sighting in the Ecto-1, and try to trap the nasty spirit. Just remember, don't cross the streams or you'll end up having to bust yourself (wait, that didn't come out right).

Ghostbusters II

In 1989, Activision released an all-new video game based on Ghostbusters II for 8 and 16-bit computer systems. While players were hoping for an sequel in the spirit of the original Ghostbusters video game, instead they got a shooter with three different modes, a side-scroller, an isometric shooter, and a mini-game where Ray (played in the movie by Dan Aykroyd), is dropped down a haunted airshaft and must collect slime samples while dodging and zapping ghosts.

To get the most bang of their licensing buck, Activision decided to release an Atari 2600 version of the game, stripping away the isometric and side-scrolling modes, and keeping just the drop down an airshaft mini-game. While the 8-but computer games saw a quick release, the Atari 2600 version was shelved. Finally the game was released to Europe in 1992 as one of the last commercially released Atari 2600 games.


What rotten luck! No sooner have you set out six hamburgers on the ground for a midnight snack when it starts raining Mogwais from the ceiling. You gotta catch the adorable little freaks before they get themselves some late night munches.

If you miss too many and they chow down on all your burgers, the Mogwais turn into killer Gremlins. This transforms your game, much like the Mogwais do themselves, and turn into a space invaders rip-off where your shooting Gremlins instead of aliens. Luckily there is no cute little Gizmo about to distract you from the fact that Mogwais turn into monstrous killing critters if they eat after midnight.


An idea as gruesome in a video game as it was in the 1978 John Carpenter slasher movie. You play a baby sitter that is trying to keep yourself and the little brat your babysitting, alive as the knife-happy Michael Myers stalks you around the house. The only problem is, each time you get the kid to safety, he sneaks back out and starts running around all over the place.


While this isn't traditionally classified as being in the horror genre, it's always creeped me out that as to how we introduce our children to spelling (and death), and in such a morbidly gruesome way. Hangman for the Atari 2600, or any other version, is literally like something out of the movie SAW.

With each letter of the word you guess wrong, the form of an innocent victim appears at the end of a hangman's noose. If you guess the word correctly, the victim can live another day, but if you are wrong one too many times, the victim will swing from a noose, with a broken neck.

Haunted House

Although not the first Haunted House game, this Atari 2600 classic is considered one of the all time best. As a pair of disembodied eyes, you search though the mansion of recently diseased Zachary Graves in search of pieces of an urn, a lost treasure of the surrounding town.

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