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Digging Up Mazes and Monsters With Dig Dug, The 1982 Arcade Game

Hey man, can you dig it?! There is this dude named Dug and he's got himself a problem. You see this cat is a miner, and what a miner has to do is dig, but they're these monster-like cats who gone and taken up subterranean stakes in Dug's digging site. Well, a Dug has got to dig, so that's just what he does, and when he reaches them burrowing baddies he's gotta pump them up 'til they blow, baby blow. And like I keep telling him, it's all about the Dig, Dug.

They Call Him Mr. Do! - The Arcade Clown Who Really Likes to Dig

You might not have known it, but nature's greatest underground burrowing creatures aren't ants or gophers, but Circus Clowns. With their bare hands these clowns dig, maze-like tunnels though their natural underground habitat, seeking their main food source, subterranean cherries. But when one of these Clowns discovers his underworld mazes have been invaded by monsters, he gets high on motivational tapes and turns from Mr. Don't into Mr. Do!

Kangaroo The Video Game – Monkey Punching at the '80s Arcade

Oh no! Those trouble-making monkeys have kidnapped the baby Kangaroo. Luckily Mother Kangaroo is on her way, and this is one marsupial mama that ain't about to let her joey become monkey chow. Taking all the skills she's learned from playing Donkey Kong and Popeye, Mama unleashes a platforming, ladder climbing, gap hoping, Monkey punching can of whoop-roo on the menacing simians in the ultimate arcade game about a boxing Kangaroo

Daze Before Christmas – Santa Claus, Mario Bros. Style

Santa Claus has finally been pushed too far! An evil Snowman and sinister Timekeeper invaded Kris Kringle’s North Pole toy factory, captured all of the elves, imprisoned the reindeer, and stolen all of the toys! It’s time to take off the snow gloves! Santa goes on the attack to reclaim his workshop, his staff and the presents for the good boys and girls all over the world; but to do so he must unleash his dark alter ego, the Anti-Claus!!!!

Pressure Cooker – Join the Short-Order Squad for the Atari 2600

You think Gordon Ramsay is tough? He's nothing compared to the robotic head chef at "The Grill". As the mechanized slave-driver spurts out wood fired burgers onto a conveyor belt, its up to the kitchen's sous chef, Short-Order Sam, to prep each cow patty to order, then toss the artery clogger down the right conveyer belt to be bagged. It's all about spinning burger plates coming from the demands of this Pressure Cooker.

Fast Food for the Atari 2600 - Please Don't Eat The Purple Pickles

You are all-mouth as you rush from burger to pizza to ice cream to soda as you binge eat your way though as many calories as possible, but be careful not to gulp down too many of those purple pickles, or your gonna end the game with more indigestion than points.

BurgerTime - Frying Up Orders At Video Arcades in 1982

The greatest game to ever clog your arteries! BurgerTime, pits seasoned burger chef Peter Pepper against an army of giant killer food, bent on preventing him from completing the biggest burger order ever to hit video arcades!

The Amazing Maze from Midway - The Great Arcade Maze Race

Welcome to the most complex, intense, and endless stream of mazes ever created for video arcades. No, I'm not talking about Pac-Man! It's The Amazing Maze, one of Midway's early video arcade games pitting players in a series of races across over a million different mazes.

Dog Patch – Retro Weird Video Arcade Game, Hillbilly Style

Back in the 1970s folks didn't think of Hillbillies as some chainsaw wielding, inbred, mutant, machete killers, like we do today. In those days the public had been fed a steady diet of Beverly Hillbillies, Li'l Abner, Snuffy Smith and Ma & Pa Kettle, all showing off hillbillies as lovable, slack-jawed, moonshine swilling simpletons, and they was right popular in TV, comics and in the Movies. It weren't but a matter of time before someone gone up and made themselves a Hillbilly video game.

Hunchback Olympics - The Weird Retro Video Game Mod Kit Mash-up

Take the animated sprites featuring Quasimodo, the hardware of Donkey Kong, add Track & Field-style Olympic gameplay and you've got the most oddball mash-up video game ever released. It was all part of a conversion kit known under four different titles, across multiple manufactures and developers,‚ and today is know by it's most famous title: Hunchback Olympics.

Brad Stallion in Sex Olympics - The Weirdest X-Rated Sports Game

Brad Stallion, porn star of the future, is back for his fourth and final game where he must compete in the intergalactic Olympic games against his arch nemesis, Dr. Dildo.

The Oregon Trail - Edutainment's First Video Game Hit - Apple II

Trail blazing across the archives of video game history is an elaborate and innovative game conceived by student teachers and established as one of the first edutainment game to be a commercial hit and a precursor to sim games.

Batman: The Caped Crusader - The 1988 Experiment in Sequential Gaming

While the first Batman video game featured a short, tubby version of the Dark Knight wandering though a surreal cave of nightmare creatures, eyeball covered walls, and doorways of sharp teeth; with the second Batman game Ocean Software decided to create something a bit more identifiable as part of the Batman universe, but continue to create experimental ways to present the action

First Batman Video Game - A Surreal Nightmare Pop-Art Platformer

In the first Batman video game ever, The Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler have infiltrated the Batcave, but instead of assassinating the Dark Knight they've kidnapped Robin, then filled the rooms of Batman's hideout with a brood of freakish nightmare creatures and traps. Before the Caped Crusader can rescue his old chum, he must make his way though the corridors and creatures to find all the pieces of his Batcraft. Will he make it in time? Stay tuned...

A Popples Christmas Adventure for the Commodore 64

A 1986 giveaway for American Greetings retailers, this advergames for the Commodore 64 introduced us to the bizarre and wild world of the retro pom-pom sporting Popples brand of merchandising as they jump though a weird series of Christmas themed non-interactive freakiness.

Sweet Home - The NES Gorfest That Inspired Resident Evil

The goriest 8-bit game for the Nintendo Entertainment System was based on a moderately successful J-horror movie Sweet Home, and served as the inspiration for the Resident Evil games. While it was the seed that spawned the survival-horror genre this elaborate and effective horror-RPG never made it past the shores of Japan.

Frankenstein's Monster - Atari 2600 Game Review

Dr. Victor von Frankenstein is up to his corpse reanimating tricks again, and it's up to you to strop his creation from coming to life by building the monster's only weakness, a brick wall. Frankenstein's Monster is a short, but surprisingly fun action platformer mixing Mary Shelly's classic horror novel with elements of Pitfall!

The Avengers in Galactic Storm - Forgotten Arcade Fighter Flop

Following up their moderate success of the arcade and home console beat-'em-up, Captain America and The Avengers, with an arena-style fighting game, The Avengers in Galactic Storm, Data East attempted to take a unique approach to the traditional niche genre. Unfortunately they left an unfinished, forgettable experience that got lost in the ocean of all the other arcade fighters.

Batman for the NES - The Dark Knight Punishes and Pleases in 8-bits

This hit NES game based on Tim Burton's blockbuster flick starring Michael Keaton, is considered one of the all time best movie licensed video games. Among the creative level design, a variety of enemies, weaponry, and excellent music, what you end up remembering most about Batman for the Nintendo Entertainment System is that it's one of the hardest games you'll ever play.

Spider-Man For The Atari 2600 – Spidey and Marvel's Video Game Debut

"New York City - At the mercy of the Green Goblin! He's bobby-trapped the city's skyscrapers with Super Bombs! I must save the city now. But the Goblin will try to stop my every move. Criminals and Time Bombs - Even the Green Goblin Himself - Stand between me and the Super Bombs! Can I save the city in time?" This is the question the web swinger asks players he drops down into the first page of the manual of Spider-Man for the Atari 2600.

Questprobe The Comic Book Issue #1 - The Comic Side of the Computer Game Tie-In

The first comic book tie-in to the Mighty Marvel Comics / Scott Adams computer game experiment stars the Green Goliath himself, the Incredible Hulk. Witness the Hulk try to run away like a little girl from a guy with a fishbowl head and a black portal in his most uneventful adventure ever.

Questprobe The Comic Book Issue # 1 Review Part 2

Second part in our review of the comic book that ties into the first Questprobe graphic computer adventure game, starring the Incredible Hulk

Questprobe Featuring The Hulk: Adventure Game Review Part 2

Questprobe Featuring The Hulk: Game Review Part 2

Questprobe Featuring The Hulk - Hulk No Smash, But He Sure Does Bite

The first adventure game in the comic book/computer game cross-over series from Marvel Comics and game designer Scott Adams stars the Incredibly Hulk who has been kidnapped and forced to hunt out a series of gems to earn his freedom.

Captain America and the Avengers Dis-Assemble for An NES Platformer

When Data East assembled the Avengers for the beat-'em-up 4-player arcade experience, Captain America and the Avengers, the game was successful enough to see a series of 2-player ports for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and Game Gear, but for the Nintendo Entertainment System they created an entirely different game with the exact same title.

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