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We needed to see so Edison invented the light bulb; we needed to speak so Bell invented the telephone, and room sized super computers needed fun tech demos, so programmers invented the video game. From their humble beginnings in the lab, to the arcade and console revolution, to the industry crash and rebirth just a few years later - this the History of Classic Video Games!

The Life of Jack Tramiel Part 1 - Holocaust Survivor to Commodore Founder
Not only was Tramiel founder of Commodore, taking it from typewriter repair to home computer giant, then followed it up by purchasing Atari, Inc. moving it into the 32-bit computer age, but in his youth he was a concentration camp survivor, and later co-founded the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Life of Jack Tramiel Part 2 - Commodore Enters The Computer Age
After surviving the Jewish Ghetto of Nazi occupied Poland and the Ahlem concentration camp, Jack Tramiel worked his way up to the top of the business world with his typewriter importer turned calculator manufacturing company Commodore, but when the company hit on some hard times it was bailed out by Canadian businessman Irving Gould, who took...

The Life of Jack Tramiel Part 3 - From Commodore to Atari
After Jack Tramiel took his company, Commodore, from a small typewriter importer/manufacturer to become one of the biggest players in the home computer market with the release of the Commodore 64, at the peak of the companies success Jack Tramiel sought to push things further by being the first to release a 32-bit home computer, but after a...

The Life of Jack Tramiel Part 4 - The Atari-Commodore War
After bouncing back from being forced out of Commodore, the company he founded and single handedly built into an empire, Jack Tramiel was now the owner of Atari, with plans to be the first to release a 32-bit home computer. In attempt to keep their hold on the market Commodore bought Amiga and went up against their former owner in a race to be...

Sonic The Hedgehog - History of The Historic Sega Genesis Hit
When the Sega Genesis launched in 1989 it was off to a rough start. While the Genesis may have been the first true 16-bit console, its direct competitor, the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, was beating it in the console wars thanks to Nintendo's mega-hit Super Mario Bros. 3. Once the news came that Nintendo would be coming out with their...

PlayCable for Intellivision – The First Video Game Portal
While gamers are now constantly downloading games of Next-Gen console portals such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Wii Virtual Console, over 21 years before any of these services existed, and eight years before there were any public Internet service providers, the very first game portal launched: PlayCable for the Intellivision.

Wizard Games – Bringing Grindhouse Horror to the Atari 2600
In 1983 b-movie mogul Charles Band set his sights on releasing adult-only Atari 2600 games based on hit splatter and slasher horror flicks such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween. The results became the most controversial classic video games of all time.

History of the Sony PlayStation Kick-Starting the Disc Revolution
When Sony released the PlayStation console they were beyond a newbie to the industry, having never previously developed a game, let alone a console system, but the PlayStation ended up a megahit that introduced 3D gaming to a mass audience and kick-started the video game CD-ROM revolution. Oddly, had it not been for a contract dispute, the "Play Station" would have been released by Nintendo as an add-on to their Super Nintendo console.

Pong – The First Video Game Megahit
The extraordinarily fun and addictive electronic tennis game where two players rotate knobs controlling the vertical movement of there paddles, to bop a digital ball back and fourth, was a historic mega hit that kick-started the video game industry and defined its space in pop-culture history. As simple as the game may be by today’s standards, the history of Pong is littered with struggles.

History of Wolfenstein Part 1 - Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
Few game franchises have as groundbreaking and oddball of a past as the Wolfenstein series. What started as the very first stealth game was "borrowed" by another developer and transformed into a new series that innovated first-person shooters. This is a look at the history of the first two titles in the series.

The Most Important Women in the History of Video Games
The days of the video game business being a boy's club are over with women now taking charge as some of the industry's top executives, but it wasn't an easy climb. In the '70s and '80s, women had to fight to get their voices heard. Those that did made major marks in the industry, not because they are women, but because their innovations changed...

Leisure Suit Larry - 22 Years of Love, Loss and Lust
For over two decades computer adventure gamers have kept a loving flame burning for a short, awkward lounge lizard looser named Larry. With his long nose, double knit polyester suit, receding hairline and aging libido, Larry has weaseled his way into our hearts, and far more bedrooms than you would think.

History of ColecoVision - Visions of the Future Through Coleco Colored Glasses
From 1982 to 1984 ColecoVision was the most advance, powerful and popular console of the time, breaking sales records and digging deep into Atari and Intellivision's profits. While the ColecoVision was well on its way to becoming the most successful console in history, its life was cut short by the crash of the video game market and a risky gamble to convert the console into a home computer.

Ghost Monsters Autopsy – A History of the Overlooked Undead Icons f…
The yellow circular hero with an over-eating disorder, Pac-Man, is constantly hogging the spotlight as one of the world's most popular video game characters, but it's about time for the other stars to get their due, namely the Ghost Monsters. Part undead spirits, part obsessive compulsives, the Ghost Monsters have only one goal, putting the hurt on the chomping champ. Not only are these second-ba…

The History of Nintendo Part 3 - Dominating the Video Game Industry
After the launch of the NES, Nintendo not only reignited the video game market in the United States, but went on to become the most dominating force in the industry, making themselves a household name by the end of the 1980s.

The History of Nintendo Part 2 - Goodbye Playing Cards - Hello Video Games
When Hiroshi Yamauchi, the Great-Great Grandson of Nintendo's founder Fusajiro Yamauchi, took over the family Business, he cleaned house of those who opposed him and took the company into new directions. When the bottom dropped out of the playing card market, Nintendo risked bankruptcy, until Hiroshi met low level engineer Gunpei Yokoi, and the two teamed up to make video game history.

The History of Nintendo Part 1 - From Playing Cards to Electronic Toys
With such a rich history it's impossible to try and encapsulate Nintendo's lineage in just one go, so this is the first in a series of three articles outlining the history of the biggest video game company in the biz which started over 117 years before they became a next-gen giant, and almost 70 years before the advent of the video game.

The Atari 2600 - A History of the Atari VCS
The Atari 2600 took the industry by storm and dominated the market during it's 15 year run. But the success of the console left in it's wake the exodus of Atari's founder as well as their top programmers, and inevitably brought forth the crash the same market it created.

A History of Classic Indiana Jones Games - 1982 to 1999
Indiana Jones might have been the inspiration for two of the most successful video game franchises in history, Pitfall and Tomb Raider, but Indy has also starred if quite a few games himself. This is a breakdown of every Indiana Jones game released between 1982 and 1999.

The History of Classic Video Games - The Age of Discovery
The very first electronic games didn’t begin in arcades or even home consoles; they got their start in early super computer labs and as top secret military training programs. These are the events that set into place the groundwork for upcoming video game revolution dating all the way back to 1889.

The History of Classic Video Games - The Golden Age
Jumping from the super computers and into the first coin-op arcade and home console video games, this is The Golden Age and First Generation of Classic Video Games.

The History of Classic Video Games - The Second Generation
With a hit like Pong the home console market is proven to be a success. Soon the console advancements and knock-offs start rushing to market faster than consumers can keep up.

The History of Classic Video Games - The Crash and Rebirth
With too many console choices and not enough good games, the video game industry crashes in 1983. Much like when the dot-com bubble burst, the market was reborn just a few years later with a whole new set of players.

The History of Classic Video Games - The CD-ROM Revolution
The Fifth Generation of Console Gaming takes a page from home computers that are starting to invade their turf. With the adoption of CD-ROM based games, video game makers are now able to deliver higher quality game experiences and start to introduce 3D graphics and gameplay.

Weird Pong Cabinets - Making the Atari Classic Stand Out from the Clones
Ever spot Pong in a barrel, or see Snoopy taking a snooze on top of the game cabinet? Don't you wish your doctor had a Pong cabinet in their waiting room? Well at one time all of these weird versions of Pong existed, and they were all officially made by Atari.

Video Game History Debunking - Adventure Game Myths and Facts Part 1
When researching articles of the early days of Text Adventure games, I discovered so much misinformation out there, not online, but with some bad facts dating all the way back to the early computer magazines of the ‘80s. So here you’ll find the most common myths and facts about adventure games, how they originated, and the real truth behind who...

Video Game History Debunking - Adventure Game Myths and Facts Part 2
The second part in our expose to uncover the truth behind the myths and rumors on the history of adventure games.

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