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Major Video Game History Makers and Milestones


Who invented the first video game? What caused the Atari 2600 to destroy the same business it created? How did Nintendo transform from a 19th Century Card making company and into giants of the video game industry? The answers to these questions and all the retro gaming milestones, history makers and days of yore are examined for your education, enlightenment and arcade loving enjoyment.
  1. The Complete History of Video Games - A Timeline
  2. The History of Nintendo
  3. Consoles and the Games That Made Them Great

The Complete History of Video Games - A Timeline

From Nintendo getting its start in the 19th century to the rise and fall of video arcades, and through each generation of video game consoles, this complete history of all the major milestones of retro gaming takes you through the fascinating history that made video games what they are today.

The History of Nintendo

The Nintendo Corporation's domination of the gaming industry didn't start with their first video game console. As a matter of fact they had already established themselves as a quality game company almost 70 years before the first video game was invented. Not only did Nintendo bring back the popularity of video games after the industry crash of 1983 , but they first established themselves in the 19th century when they brought back the popularity of card games to Japan.

Consoles and the Games That Made Them Great

What would retro games be without the console systems to play them? Even more to the point what would those classic consoles be without all those groovy games? This is a look at the very best, most important, and just plain cool historic classic video games and console systems.

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