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Pop Culture - Classic Video Games Impact on the World

In the early 80s classic video games became a pop culture phenomenon, spanning beyond gaming and into toys, clothes, cartoons, movies, music and more. Today these impacts have become a major part of our culture, with art shows, museums, and even rock bands using classic consoles are their musical instruments. This section covers the classic video game invasion into our society and culture.

Michael J. Bassett Interview - From Silent Hill 3 to Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Part 1 in an interview with filmmaker Michael J. Bassett about his adventures bringing the story of the classic horror-survival game Silent Hill 3 to the big screen with his latest horror flick, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

Michael J. Bassett Interview Part 2 - Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
In Part 2 of our interview with Michael J. Bassett, he talks about the process of transitioning the story of the classic Survival Horror video game Silent Hill 3 into Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, and how to recreate the feeling of the haunted town into a live action movie.

Michael J. Bassett Interview Part 3 - Silent Hill Creatures in 3D
In the third part of our interview with director Michael J. Bassett, we take a look at the Silent Hill creature’s transition from game to film, and the challenges and triumphs of making a 3D horror experience.

The History of Nintendo Power Part 1 - From Fun Club to Ultimate Power
For many retro gamers, the magazine Nintendo Power is as important to their childhood as the Nintendo Entertainment System, with Nintendo fanatics of the '80s devouring each issue from cover-to-cover, pinning up the pull-out posters and studying the strategy guides, even if they didn't own the games they were for.

The History of Nintendo Power Part 2 - Playing with Power
Nintendo Power started off in an explosion of excitement and popularity when it launched in 1988. Nintendo Entertainment System fans ate it up, reading each issue with cover-to-cover to read the news, reviews, cheats and walkthroughs of the hottest and newest NES games.

Questprobe The Comic Book Issue #1 - The Comic Side of the Computer Game Tie-In
The first comic book tie-in to the Mighty Marvel Comics / Scott Adams computer game experiment stars the Green Goliath himself, the Incredible Hulk. Witness the Hulk try to run away like a little girl from a guy with a fishbowl head and a black portal in his most uneventful adventure ever.

Questprobe The Comic Book Issue # 1 Review Part 2
Second part in our review of the comic book that ties into the first Questprobe graphic computer adventure game, starring the Incredible Hulk

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – Retro Gaming Rules in a Dystopian Future
In a bleak future the "great recession" has put the 99% in financial ruin, forcing them to live in ghetto-like squallier. The only escape from the horrors of reality are in an epically large, fully immersive, massively multiplayer online game called The Oasis, where an army of treasure hunters seek a hidden fortune within the virtual universe....

The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Mass Effect - Book Review
The coffee table art book The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Mass Effect, was put together by the team who spearheaded the Smithsonian Institute exhibit by the same name, showcasing the games from the exhibit, along with the history and musings of the console game greats...and some not so greats.

Retro Video Game Cereal - A Balanced Breakfast for Old-School Gamers
Everyone knows that classic video games are fun to play, but did you also know they were once part of a sugar-infused "well balanced breakfast"?

Pac-Man: The Complete First Season – DVD Review
29 years after it went off the air, Warner Archive's has released ultra-rate'80s retro pop-culture Saturday Morning phenomena, Pac-Man, in a DVD collection of the shows first season that is a retro gamer and cartoon lover's dream come true.

Retro Video Game Book Review: Classic Home Video Games, 1989 - 1990
The latest volume in Brett Weiss’ Classic Home Video Games book series covers the console systems released between 1989 and 1990, spanning the Sega Genesis, Neo Geo and TurboGrafx-16. The hardback book is chock-full of encapsulated reviews of each and every single game released for the systems throughout North America.

Pac-Man Fever – The Retro Gaming Solid Gold Hit
Just about everyone, gamer or otherwise, has tapped their feet to the hit single Pac-Man Fever, a song that reflects the impact video arcade games had on 1980s pop-culture. The chart topping tune was not only a song, but represented America's obsession with video games, because at the time they all had Pac-Man Fever.

Christmas Comes to PacLand - The Weirdest Holiday Special Starring Pac-Man
During the holiday season, Christmas is celebrated all around the world, but what about alternate cartoon/video game universes that have never heard, nor seen a reindeer, gotten a present from Santa Claus, and the closest thing they've come to a Christmas Tree is covered in Power Pellets?

Tetris Toys – The Merchandising Mayhem of the Hit Puzzle Game
Back in the '80s when classic arcade games were becoming pop-culture standards, characters began to break out of their video game cabinet confines and hit toy store shelves with loads of board games, figurines, and novelty items. Now nearly 30 years latter it’s time for Tetris to finally get its turn.

Pac-Media: Television, Films and Music Inspired by Pac-Man
While Pac-Man may not be the first arcade game, it sure was the most popular, crossing boundaries never before experienced by a video game, making it pop culture phenomena. Not only was Pac-Man a household name in the mid-'80s, but he pushed gaming from a small industry into the mass-market. With the exception of some novelty records and an...

Street Fighter - The Legend of Chun-Li - Game to Film Comparison
The second live action flick based on the classic Street Fighter series, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, is a big budget action flick that takes some liberties with the rag-tag retro gang of 2D beat-'em-up stars. How much did they change? Here's a side-by-side look at the cast with their classic video game counterparts. While much has changed, some things remain the same.

A Very Pac-Man Christmas - The Weirdest Holiday Tie-In
Now you know Santa and Rudolph and Sleigh Bells that ring; Frosty and Yule Logs and Carolers who sing; but do you recall the most obscure Christmas icon of them all...PAC-MAN!

Chasing Ghosts - Beyond the Arcade - Review of the Classic Arcade Documentary
Chasing Ghosts follows the rise and fall of America's obsession with the arcades of the early-80s with the nearly forgotten phenomena of high score world record competitions 80s though the stories and words of the champions from their first discovery of arcade games, to the climactic Life Magazine photo, and then the crash and eventual end of the arcade fads when the industry crashed in 1983/84.

The King of Kong - A Fistful of Quarters – DVD Review
A warm, funny and nostalgic documentary following the exploits of Steve Wiebe as he enters the world of competitive gaming to take on reigning Donkey Kong world champion Billy Mitchell.

Pac-Man Fever
Website dedicated to the 1981 hit single Pac-Man Fever.

Saturday Supercade Tribute Site
Tribute to the classic 80s animated series starring some of arcades greatest characters: Frogger, Donkey Kong, Q-Bert and more.

I Am 8-Bit Official Website
Official website to the annual gallery art show featuring fine art inspired by classic video games.

Dear Friends - music from FINAL FANTASY Concert
The concert tour of the first stateside performances of composer Nobuo Uematsu's award-winning music from the Final Fantasy games.

Pro-Wresteling Tag-Team Inspired by Classic Video Games
Website for Hybrid Pro Wresteling. Download Episode 17 to watch a match starrng Popular Electronics, the tag-team duo who's characters, costumes and moves are inspired by classic video games and systems.

Pac-Man: The Cartoon – The 1982 Arcade Invasion of Saturday Morning
ABC's Saturday Morning fall line-up featured some of the weirdest cartoons ever, all based on existing TV shows. There was the Mork & Mindy cartoon, Lavern and Shirley in the Army, Fonz and the Happy Days Gang, the new Little Rascals, and of course Scooby and Scrappy-Doo, but the weirdest and most anticipated show of the line-up starred the historic retro video game hero, Pac-Man.

Adult Retro Video Game Costumes for Halloween
The devil s night is upon us and what would a Halloween party be without horrifying ghouls, ghosts, witches, Mario and Pac-Man wait a sec...Mario...

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