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Pac-Man: The Complete First Season – DVD Review

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Pac-Man: The Complete First Season – DVD Review

On the Saturday morning of September 25th, 1982, kids and gamers across the country woke up extra early, poured themselves a bowl of cereal and nestled in front of their TV to watch the most anticipated Saturday morning cartoon in video game history, Pac-Man.

Now, 29 years later, Warner Archive have released the first season of the ultra-rare, '80s retro pop-culture phenomena, Pac-Man the TV series in a DVD collection that is a retro gamer and cartoon lover's dream come true.

Basic Facts

  • DVD Title: Pac-Man - The Complete First Season
  • Distributor: Warner Archive Collection
  • Production Company: Hanna-Barbera
  • Original Broadcast Pilot: September 25th, 1982
  • Type: Saturday Morning Cartoon

Warner Archives, the manufactured-on-demand DVD distributor who specializes in rare and off-the-wall movie and TV releases has brought the highly sought after cartoon, Pac-Man, to DVD in a two disc set of the entire first-season...

...and finally everything seems right in the world once again.

For collectors, retro video game lovers, and weird '80s cartoon fanatics, one of the hardest to find treasures has been the Pac-Man cartoon. The show was hugely infamous, but barely available since their original tw0 season television broadcasts from 1982 to 1983. During the early days of the USA Network cable channel, segments of the show ran as part of the USA Cartoon Express afternoon cartoon block, and in more recent years on the cable network Boomerang (if your lucky enough to be with one of the few cable companies that carry it).

Outside of that the only nostalgia fix available for the show was it's holiday special, Christmas Comes to PacLand, which aired annually on TV and saw a single home-video release back in the days of VHS, which now goes for big bucks on the collectors market.

Now with Warner Archives release of the entire first season, we can finally watch the show that fed our Pac-Man Fever and we can now introduce to younger gamers who were born to late to expense the programs weird wonder.

And it still holds up!

Each episode of Pac-Man is split up into two main segments and a comedy short, starring the Pac-Family including: Pac-Man, his wife Pepper (aka Ms. Pac-Man), Pac-Baby, and their pets Chomp-Chomp, and Sour Puss, as they try and keep the main food supply of PacLand, the Power Pellet Forrest, a secret from the Ghost Monsters and their evil leader Mezmeron, the only human in PacLand.

What on the DVD

The two-disc DVD set contains 13 episodes of the show, including the Pac-Man Halloween Special, which aired in both prime time and as episode 4 of the regular series.

Episodes included are...

  1. Presidential Pac-Nappers/Stuck Up/Picnic In Pacland
  2. The Great Pac-Quake/Ghost Galore/Hocus-Pocus Pac-Man
  3. Southpaw Packy/Canned Canine/Pac-Baby Panic
  4. Pacula/It's A Hole?/Trick Or Chomp
  5. Super Ghosts/Hose Of First/The Pac-Man In The Moon
  6. Invasion Of The Pac-Pups/Gimme A Hand/Journey To The Center Of Pacland
  7. The Day The Forest Disappeared/Animal Magnetism/Sir Chomp-A-Lot
  8. Neander-Pac-Man/Kite Ride/Backpackin' Packy
  9. The Abominable Pac-Man/Keep In Step/The Bionic Pac-Woman
  10. Chomp-Out At The O.K. Corral/Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye/Once Upon A Chomp
  11. The Pac-Love-Boat/Stacked/The Great Power-Pellet Robbery
  12. A Bad Case Of The Chomps/On The Noggin/Goo-Goo At The Zoo
  13. The Pac-Mummy/Balloon Pie/Nighty Nightmares

The Verdict

It's very exciting to get the chance to see these once-lost treasure of retro '80s Saturday Morning cartoons, and they are just as good as you remember them (however I do find Pac-Baby just as annoying as before.)

Sure the show is corny and incredibly weird, but that's what made it so good to begin with. I mean, what do ghosts need with Power Pellets? Why is Mezmeron the only human in the Pac-Man universe? And, Isn't it unsanitary for Pac-Man to continually "chomp" he ghost monsters?

The image quality of each episodes in the DVD set is as good, if not better, than the original broadcasts, and it will truly transport you back into being a kid no matter how old you are.

Hopefully this set will do well enough for Warner Archive to release Season 2 where we are introduced to Super Pac (aka Super Pac-Man), and Pac-Man's nephew P.J. (aka Jr. Pac-Man), plus it was the season to bring us the prime-time special Christmas Comes to PacLand.

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