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While Pac-Man may not be the first arcade game, it sure was the most popular, crossing boundaries never before experienced by a video game, making it pop culture phenomena. Not only was Pac-Man a household name in the mid-'80s, but he pushed gaming from a small industry into the mass-market. With the exception of some novelty records and an animated series, the Man of Pac never got the big budget Hollywood treatment that many of his successors enjoyed, but his stamp on our day-to-day lives continues its influences on movies, TV and Music, even today.

1. Pac-Man: The Saturday Morning Cartoon

One of the weirdest cartoons ever based on a yellow ball with power pellet habit.

In a life quieter than ghost monster chasing in arcades, Pac-Man settles down with Ms. Pac-Man (Pepper) to become a Pac-Family Man, complete with Pac-Baby, his Pac-Dog Chomp Chomp and his Pac-Cat Sour Puss.

Unfortunately for Pac-Man and family, the Ghost Monster's have gotten organized by the only humanoid in their universe, Mezmaron. For some unexplained reason, Mezmaron is always sending out the ghosts to steal Pac-Man's power pellets, the main source of food in Pacland. Luckily the Pac-Family always ends up popping those energizing pills and put the chomp on the pesky ghosts.

2. Pac-Man Fever

If you've never heard of this song, then you simply weren’t alive in the '80s. Pac-Man was such a big part of American culture that he inspired the hit single, Pac-Man Fever, by musicians Buckner & Garcia. The song was a chart topper, making #9 on the Billboard charts.

Pac-Man Fever Tribute


3. Pac-Man the Movie - The Horror Parody Fan Film

Comedy troupe Therefore You made this fan film horror-parody for a fictional film based on Pac-Man. Inspired by the arcade game and cartoon, Pac-Man is a pharmaceutical executive of Pac Corp who's been pushing their hallucinogenic side-effect riddled Power Pellets on the public.

Trapped by a Mezmaron-like madman, Pac-Man is forced to journey though a terrifying maze while popping the very same power pellets he's been pushing on the public. Soon he's hallucinating as ghost monsters chase him though the maze.

The short is quite well done, making you wish it was a trailer for a real movie. The only weak point comes from an afterwards that's tacked onto the end, completely out of place with the rest of the short.

Watch it now at Thereforeyou.com

4. Pac-Man the Movie - Superhero Parody Fan Film

In a city under segue by ghost attacks, filmmaker Scott Gairdner envisioned Pac-Man as a defender of the innocent for his super-hero parody. A rogue helmet wearing vigilante, Pac-Man gains his special abilities from special Power Pellets and fruit he gobbles along the way. Bent on a mission to rid the city of the murderous Ghost Monsters.

The super hero approach ends up as a film you'd really like to see, however it suffers from goofy animated Ghost Monsters that don't fit right within the gritty Batman-like universe he's created.

Regardless the short is a great effort and terrifically entertaining for any Pac-Man fan.

Watch Pac-Man: The Movie Comedy Fan Film at Scottgairdner.com

5. Pac-Man on Futurama and Family Guy

Pac-Man must have been a major influence on the writers of the cut hit Futurama as he continually pops up throughout the animated series. Either as General Colin Pac-Man in future earth's military or a checker-like board game piece who chomps the opposition.

Futurama Pac-Clip 

You know you're still hip in retro pop culturedome if the Family Guy pokes fun at you, and Seth MacFarlane hit animated series often has their cast of characters playing the game, including Peter Griffin playing a PMSing Ms. Pac-Man who yells at the ghost monster to scare them away or a sketch showing the Ghost Monster's trying to cheer up a recently divorced Pac-Man.

Family Guy Pac-Clip

6. Live the Pac-Man Experience at Club Dread

Comedy troupe Broken Lizard's parody of slasher flicks in their motion picture Club Dread has a demented killer terrorizing an island resort, but that doesn't stop the would-be victims from having some fun in the sun as they create a trilling beach game where vacationers take the role of Pac-Man, chasing bikini clad "ghost monster" beach bunnies, and downing tropical drinks as power pellets.

Watch the Pac-Man Experience Now (Must be over 18 to view)

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