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Regardless of what the critics say, video games encourage community. Arcades use to be a place to hang out with other gamers. Now as the 8-bit generation grows up more places are popping up where you can play games and mingle. This section will covers all the current bars, restaurants, conventions and clubs where classic game fans can to commune with each other and the games they love.
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6th Annual Mario Invades Comic-Con: 2012 Year of the Lady Mario, Link, and Tron
It's that time of year again, when we strap on our handy digital camera and scour the San Diego Convention Center for the 6th annual Mario Invades Comic-Con Cosplay Scavenger Hunt. This year featuring loads of ladies taking on the roles of all the big retro video game heroes.

Gamers Guide to San Diego Comic-Con 2012
With so much happening at the San Diego Comic Con International it’s hard to find all of the video game events and happenings. To help, I’ve put together this handy guide for those attending the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International!

5th Annual Mario Invades the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International
Cosplay is bigger than ever, and as we’ve seen from the past and today, everyone loves dressing up like Italian plumbers from the mushroom kingdom. In 2011 it wasn’t Mario that dominated the show, but his often-overshadowed brother, as there were more solo-Luigis than ever before.

Blipsy Barcade – Retro Video Arcade and Bar in Los Angeles, Korea Town
You might accidentally overlook LA’s best haven for retro video game fans. With no sign and blackened windows, it looks like just another closed up storefront with the exception of a single blue neon ghost monster lit up. The inside, however, is far from abandoned. When you take a step in you’ll be immediately blasted with a party every night...

Blacks In Gaming - A Non-Profit Video Game Organization
What started as an annual gathering and talk at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) has expanded into regular events throughout the year. It's purpose is "to bring together a community of diverse professionals for networking, professional development, and most importantly a celebration."

4th Annual Mario Invades Comic-Con 2010 Special Guest Pac-Man
It's that time of year again when comic book, movie, TV and video game fans of all kinds flood the city of San Diego to participate in the biggest pop culture event of the year, the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International! Which also means our 4th annual Mario Invades Comic-Con scavenger hunt is underway.

The 3rd Annual Mario Invades the San Diego Comic-Con - 2009
This year at the 2009 Comic-Con International, the classic video game pickings were a bit slim, and the Mario costumes were even sparser. By the fourth day I was getting concerned that there wouldn't even be enough to host a photo gallery this year, but just when all hope seemed lost, I came across two pairs of Marios and Luigis. Isn't it just like the Bros. to save the day at the last minute?

2nd Annual Mario Invasion of the San Diego Comic-Con – 2008
All the Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess costumes, toys, clothes and art sightings at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con International, all confidently collected in one handy-dandy image gallery for your plumber lovin' pleasure!

Classic Gaming Expo - Las Vegas
The #1 Classic Video Game Convention in world held annually in the gaming capital Las Vegas. Featuring celebrity guests, exhibits, the CGE Museum, a dealer’s room and much more.

Midwest Gaming Classic Show
The Midwest's largest electronic gaming convention in the heart of Oconomowoc, WI; with special events, contests and tournaments.

Southern California Classic Collectors Club
A Los Angeles based classic video game collector's group with meetings and events throughout the year where you can meet other classic gamers, play original coin-op arcade games, console systems, tournaments and see video game oddities.

The 1984 Arcade
Springfield Missouri’s very own 1980s style arcade featuring original hard-to-find coin-op classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Here’s the twist, instead of each game costing a quarter or token, you just pay $5 at the door for unlimited play until they close at 11PM!

Miss T's Barcade
Booze, Food, DJs and Classic Arcade Games all under one roof at this hidden local bar in the heart of Korea Town in Los Angeles. Loads of classic games such as Asteroids, Galaga, Donkey Kong and much more. Even better they serve your Classic Video Game guide’s favorite alcoholic beverage, Soju!

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