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For nostalgia buffs who want recommendations, or just a trip down memory lane, this section is chock-full of the very best classic video game picks. From the arcade, computer, handhelds and home consoles learn about the most innovative, action packed and just plain weird video games throughout history. If you find it here, it’s worth playing.

Best Arcade Games 1982: Peak of the Video Arcade

Best Arcade Games of 1981 – The Year of Video Arcade Innovation
In the early '80s video games were hot, with video arcades popping up all over the country. While the arcade market had been saturated with rip-offs and clones of previous hits such as Pong and Space Invaders, the release of Pac-Man in 1980 broke the market out of the rut, thrusting video games from a niche fad into a major industry. The result...

Top Gun Video Games: 1993 to 2001 - Feel the Need, The Need for CD-ROM Speed
fter the 8-bit computer and console versions of Top Gun, Konami got one last shot at the film license with a Game Boy version, after which the rights to Top Gun graduated on to CD-based games and systems, bouncing around from publisher to publisher.

Top 12 Weirdest Atari 2600 Games
In an industry where an obese plumber can become a cultural icon, its no wonder that in video games, weird is normal. However nutty they get, these oddities were never as strange as the ones for the Atari 2600.

Best Arcade Games of 1980 – The Year of the Arcade
In 1980 a game released that changed the industry forever, shooting video games from a cult following into a North American pop-culture phenomena, Pac-Man. Arcades became the place to be in the ‘80s, and in order to meet the demand, some of the best, most innovative games flooded into pizza parlors and coin-op arcade havens.

Retro Gaming Gadget Gifts of Holidays Past - From the Computer History Museum
To spread holiday cheer of incredible innovations of old-school retro computer and gaming greatness, the Computer History Museum has released their picks of "The Greatest Gadgets from Holidays Past". A gallery that takes us back to memories from our computer and gaming roots.

Greatest Classic Video Game Romances
Ah, digital amore! Even in the world of gaming romance always springs eternal. While most of the lady loves are Princesses who need rescuing by their dashing working class heroes, video games have continually shared the same goal we all have in the real world, true love. Join me for the most infamous romances in the history of classic video games.

The Best Classic Video Games of 1979
The success of Space Invaders in 1978 caused a lot of cloning and rip-off titles to see a release the following year as many jumped on board the game making bandwagon, but 1979 still proved to be filled with innovations such as the first handheld gaming system, the first star trek game and the debut of a little hungry yellow ball that would go on to become the most successful game in the world.

The Weirdest Classic Video Games for Christmas
Before Mario turned himself into a superstar, the original obese hero was Santa Claus. It was only a matter of time before the obsessive compulsive gift giver took his place in the ranks of classic gaming weirdness. So sit down by the warmth of the old picture tube, fire up your Commodore 64, and I'll tell you about the most bizarre and...

Best of the 2000s - Classic Video Games
Because great games never die! This decade we've seen innovative new formats, platforms, and portals all dedicated to keeping retro games alive. These leaps in classic game portals and innovations make the very best of the decade for retro gaming.

Top Classic Video Games About Food!
Let's face it, nothing goes together better than food and video games. Heck, for many of us retro gamers of the '80s, the local video arcade and pizza place were one in the same. Perhaps that's how Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari, came up with the idea of starting Chucky Cheese. So what better way is there to attract gamers in the retro...

Best Classic and Retro Games at the 2009 E3 Expo
While the E3 Expo is known for the glitz and glamour of the newest, Next-Gen games, there are always lots of retro offerings at the show. From rereleases, remakes and remixes, to new titles designed in the same old-school style used in the classics that inspired them.

The Most Important NES Games of All Time
Not only was the Nintendo Entertainment System the console that resurrected video games after the industry crash of '83, but the system's top titles set the gameplay standard by which modern platforming, RPG, action, adventure and narrative are designed today. These are the most influential and trend setting titles from the NES.

The Best Arcade Games of 1978 - A Classic Video Game Year In Review
It was the year that Grease and Halloween made their theatrical premiere, the Blues Brothers debuted on Saturday Night Live, The Village Peoples’ song Y.M.C.A. was at the top of the charts and the Star Wars Holiday Special was heating up the boob tube, but 1978 was also the year that arcade games shot from amusement fad to pop culture phenomena.

The Top Classic Horror Computer Games
While horror might be a mainstay for console games today, there was a time when a home video game system didn't have enough power to run the terrifying graphics needed to create a rich and frightening universe. So the place where the spooky classics went to get their fright on was on computers. These are the very best PC Horror games in history.

Top 18 Mario Games for the Game Boy Advance and One Stinker
Hey paisans! It's time to celebrate the reigning champion of video gamedome and sewage pipes…Mario! Let's face it, who hasn't played and loved Mario's games. Lucky for us his all time greatest titles are all available for the Game Boy Advance!

IGN's Top 100 Games
IGN delivers a list of their 100 all time favorite games, including many classics such as Yoshi’s Island, Tecmo Super Bowl and Mrs. Pac-Man.

Top 10 Cheesiest Classic Game Commercials
Hilarious countdown of the weirdest classic video game commercials from the past, featuring actual video of each commercial.

150 Best Classic Games of All Time!
From the 1996 issue of Computer Gaming World's Anniversary Edition, here is a list of what were the 150 best classic video games of the time.

Top 10 Coolest Video Game Characters Ever
Gamewad breaks down the video game characters that are too cool for school, half of which are classic gaming icons.

Top Gun Video Games: 1986 to 1990 - The 8-Bit Danger Zones
With the blockbuster business Top Gun brought into theaters, it was ripe pickings for the franchise to spin-off into video games. As it focused on hot-shot Navy fighter pilots training for air combat, most of the games in the franchise are combat flight simulators from the perspective of the cockpit.

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