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Space Invaders Part II aka Deluxe Space Invaders


Space Invaders Part II aka Deluxe Space Invaders
Deluxe Space Invaders Arcade Flyer © Taito Corporation

The original 1978 megahit Space Invaders spawned numerous clones, many of which slapped on a title insinuating that they were sequels to the original, but there were only two official sequels released in 1980, the first one of which was Space Invaders Part II.

Created by the originators of Space Invaders, Taito Corporation, the gameplay is identical to the original only with more bells and whistles, a wider variety of Invaders (like one that splits into two when you hit) and two types of flying saucers, which can drop reinforcement Invaders.

While Taito released the sequel as Space Invaders Part II in Japan, their North American distributor Midway Games added a space city background and retitled it Deluxe Space Invaders (aka Space Invaders Deluxe).

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