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The Weirdest Classic Video Games for Christmas


Long before that tubby plumber Mario turned himself into a video game superstar, the original morbidly obese super hero was Santa Claus. It was only a matter of time before the obsessive compulsive gift giver took his place in the ranks of classic gaming weirdness.

So sit down by the warmth of the old picture tube, fire up your Commodore 64, and I'll tell you about the most bizarre and outrageous Christmas-themed classic video games.

Yes Virginia, there is a killer snowman out to destroy Santa Claus.

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3. Daze Before Christmas1. Special Delivery: Santa's Christmas Chaos2. Santa's Xmas Caper aka Santa's Christmas Caper4. Frosty the Snowman aka Frosty's Busy Night
5. Santa Claus Saves the Earth6. Christmas Lemmings series aka Xmas Lemmings aka Holiday Lemmings7. A Popples Christmas Adventure8. The White Door: Crisis At Christmas
9. Home Alone10. Snatcher
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