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5. Santa Claus Saves the Earth


5. Santa Claus Saves the Earth
Screenshot © Telegames, Inc.
  • Year: 2002
  • Platform(s): PlayStation One, Game Boy Advance
  • Publisher/Developer: Telegames, Inc. / Ivolgamus

As it released in 2002, this isn't necessarily a classic game, but it was one of the last titles to release on the classic Sony console the PlayStation One.

Another Mario-Style platformer replacing the tubby plumber with Father Christmas has Santa zapped into a dimensional portal and into the land of the wicked fairy Nilam! Hell bent on destroying Santa and all the happiness and joy he brings, Nilam sends her bizarre army of creeps after him, who include cavemen, tigers and flying elephant-like creatures. Santa must gain power and point by collecting candy and soda cans, making his way through 15 levels and 3 boss battles.

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