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OXO - The World's First Video Game

History is chock full of pioneers. Ann S. Stephens wrote the first dime novel, Richard T. James invented the Slinky, John Quincy Adams was the first president to wear pants at a ceremony, and Alexander Sandy Douglas created the first video game.

Classic Video Games Spotlight10

Best Arcade Games 1982: Peak of the Video Arcade

In 1982 arcade games reached their peak. Arcades renamed themselves as video arcades and starting overflowing with more new titles coming out faster than arcade owners could find floor space. Little did we know that just a year later, the entire industry video game industry would crash...but let's not worry about that now, we're here to talk about when the video arcade was king. These are the Top Arcade Games of 1982

They Call Him Mr. Do! - The Arcade Clown Who Really Likes to Dig

You might not have known it, but nature's greatest underground burrowing creatures aren't ants or gophers, but Circus Clowns. With their bare hands these clowns dig, maze-like tunnels though their natural underground habitat, seeking their main food source, subterranean cherries. But when one of these Clowns discovers his underworld mazes have been invaded by monsters, he gets high on motivational tapes and turns from Mr. Don't into Mr. Do!

Kangaroo The Video Game – Monkey Punching at the '80s Arcade

Oh no! Those trouble-making monkeys have kidnapped the baby Kangaroo. Luckily Mother Kangaroo is on her way, and this is one marsupial mama that ain't about to let her joey become monkey chow. Taking all the skills she's learned from playing Donkey Kong and Popeye, Mama unleashes a platforming, ladder climbing, gap hoping, Monkey punching can of whoop-roo on the menacing simians in the ultimate arcade game about a boxing Kangaroo

Digging Up Mazes and Monsters With Dig Dug, The 1982 Arcade Game

Hey man, can you dig it?! There is this dude named Dug and he's got himself a problem. You see this cat is a miner, and what a miner has to do is dig, but they're these monster-like cats who gone and taken up subterranean stakes in Dug's digging site. Well, a Dug has got to dig, so that's just what he does, and when he reaches them burrowing baddies he's gotta pump them up 'til they blow, baby blow. And like I keep telling him, it's all about the Dig, Dug.

Pressure Cooker – Join the Short-Order Squad for the Atari 2600

You think Gordon Ramsay is tough? He's nothing compared to the robotic head chef at "The Grill". As the mechanized slave-driver spurts out wood fired burgers onto a conveyor belt, its up to the kitchen's sous chef, Short-Order Sam, to prep each cow patty to order, then toss the artery clogger down the right conveyer belt to be bagged. It's all about spinning burger plates coming from the demands of this Pressure Cooker.

Garry Kitchen - Cooking Up Video Game History

From computer software engineer, to producer and of course groundbreaking game designer Gary Kitchen is one of the most successful and influential game developers to come out of the early days of Activision. With titles such as Keystone Kapers, Pressure Cooker, GameDesigner and BattleTank to his credit, Kitchen has innovated gaming and changed the way we play throughout his 32+ years in the industry.

Fast Food for the Atari 2600 - Please Don't Eat The Purple Pickles

You are all-mouth as you rush from burger to pizza to ice cream to soda as you binge eat your way though as many calories as possible, but be careful not to gulp down too many of those purple pickles, or your gonna end the game with more indigestion than points.

BurgerTime - Frying Up Orders At Video Arcades in 1982

The greatest game to ever clog your arteries! BurgerTime, pits seasoned burger chef Peter Pepper against an army of giant killer food, bent on preventing him from completing the biggest burger order ever to hit video arcades!

Michael J. Bassett Interview Part 3 - Silent Hill Creatures in 3D

In the third part of our interview with director Michael J. Bassett, we take a look at the Silent Hill creature’s transition from game to film, and the challenges and triumphs of making a 3D horror experience.

Michael J. Bassett Interview Part 2 - Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

In Part 2 of our interview with Michael J. Bassett, he talks about the process of transitioning the story of the classic Survival Horror video game Silent Hill 3 into Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, and how to recreate the feeling of the haunted town into a live action movie.

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